Monday, May 31, 2010

Google I/O: GWT + Roo

Ben Alex - lead engineer for Spring
Bruce Johnson - lead for GWT development

Spring has been acquired by VMWare which has pledged to keep it open source.

The "Perfect Marriage"
  • GWT  (front end HTML5)
  • Spring Roo (back end)
Touted as "the" platform for building apps on the cloud. 200 keystrokes to a round-trip scaffold.

Springsource Tool Suite
  • Free IDE based on Eclipse
  • Roo integration
Speed Tracer - Chrome extension HTML5 app - looks amazing 
   * combines all sources of latency, the full round trip, into one tool
   * Spring Insight
   * App Stat (from Google)
Spring Insight - profiling on the backend

Data Widgets for GWT 2.1
* Perform well with very large datasets
* Same widgets run on a mobile device

Saturday, January 30, 2010


I need to master Reality Distortion Fields.  Are midichlorians required?

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Calais proxy - Feed it a URL

Found it. A service that takes URL and returns marked up content.

Next item: I bet there's a browser plug-in somewhere around here. Would it be to much to ask for an open-source, hello world, example?

in reference to:

"Give the address of a web page Get rich semantic metadata about the people, companies, events and relationships on that page."
- SemanticProxy (view on Google Sidewiki)

Monday, December 14, 2009

OpenCalais Understands

I like these guys already.

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"Developers want… Just the facts, please. I know what I want to do – just tell me how it works and how to get my hands on it."
- Developer | OpenCalais (view on Google Sidewiki)

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Wow - didn't expect this from Facebook

Didn't expect Facebook to open the floodgates. Very clever to do it in the name of privacy and data ownership. Access control is always confusing. I guarantee that people won't realize that "everyone" means the whole world, forever.

in reference to:
"The Facebook privacy transition tool is clearly designed to push users to share much more of their Facebook info with everyone"
"Let’s make this clear. If you make your information available to ‘everyone,’ it actually means ‘everyone, forever.’ Because even if you change your mind, it’s too late — and although Facebook say they will remove it from your profile they will have no control about how it is used outside of Facebook."
- Facebook’s New Privacy Push Concerns Experts (view on Google Sidewiki)

A Sidewiki entry about this blog, auto-posted to this blog

Here I am commenting on my own blog entry. Warning: about to publish this Sidewiki entry to this blog.

Confused? If not, then focus. If you had been been paying attention, then, you would be confused.

This may cause an infinite loop; disturb the fabric of space-time; or, at the very least, cause a serious migraine.

in reference to: One More Place: Wikipedia - Just gets better and better (view on Google Sidewiki)

Wikipedia - Just gets better and better

The Wikipedia beta works great. Love the new features, the new look. Hover preview (Navigation Popups) is one of my favorites.