Monday, May 31, 2010

Google I/O: GWT + Roo

Ben Alex - lead engineer for Spring
Bruce Johnson - lead for GWT development

Spring has been acquired by VMWare which has pledged to keep it open source.

The "Perfect Marriage"
  • GWT  (front end HTML5)
  • Spring Roo (back end)
Touted as "the" platform for building apps on the cloud. 200 keystrokes to a round-trip scaffold.

Springsource Tool Suite
  • Free IDE based on Eclipse
  • Roo integration
Speed Tracer - Chrome extension HTML5 app - looks amazing 
   * combines all sources of latency, the full round trip, into one tool
   * Spring Insight
   * App Stat (from Google)
Spring Insight - profiling on the backend

Data Widgets for GWT 2.1
* Perform well with very large datasets
* Same widgets run on a mobile device

Saturday, January 30, 2010


I need to master Reality Distortion Fields.  Are midichlorians required?